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Barista Apron

Smart Design - High-Quality Materials - Handmade By Artisans

Others can make aprons, but only Under Ny Sky can offer high-quality aprons for the most affordable price.

Under Ny Sky Aprons barista apron: vegan leather straps and loops, riveted pockets

No-Tie Apron With Vegan Leather Straps Set – Over-The-Neck & Waist – Handcrafted For Hard Work

Versatile and multi-function, this apron is for you: the Under NY Sky Barista Apron comes with vegan straps made with PU Leather, premium quality, soft yet sturdy, staying like new for longer and giving you maximum comfort. It makes you look good, while providing extra support without any ties, knots or tangled straps, which are also 100% DETACHABLE, with a clasp-and-ring fastening system that lets you open and close them in a snap. Plus, the Under NY Sky Barista Apron is designed to be folded into a half-apron, so you can double the function without multiplying the cost. All handcrafted with our proprietary mid-weight professional Twill with thick top and bottom hems for strength and structure, many riveted reinforced and double-stitched utility pockets and slots, vegan leather reinforcements and multi-functional vegan leather loops.

Under Ny Sky Barista Apron: Feature Chart: vegan leather straps and loops, riveted pockets, converts into a half-apron

Style Meets Function

This apron comes with 2 riveted double-stitched vegan leather loops so you can hang whatever you want to keep handy, plus multi-functional pockets with slots for phone, pen, thermometer, tamper and much more. There's also our exclusive clasp-and-ring fastening system, made with anti-corrosion & anti-allergy coated Zamak hardware, that lets you open and close your apron in a snap.

Fully Adjustable Size, Fits Your Life

This apron is 26" wide x 34" tall (65 x 87cm) and fully adjustable for men and women. We recommend our aprons for people between 5’ 2” and 6’ 5” tall (1.57 m - 1.95 m), with a waist size between 25 in and 60 in (64 cm - 153 cm).

For You And Your Trade

Our aprons are cut to perfection to fit most bodies and activities, whether you are a barista, bartender, brewer, chef, cook, artist, teacher, shop owner, mixologist, barber, hairstylist, makeup artist, tattoo artist, gardener or florist.

Features That You Won'T Find In Any Other Apron Around

Under Ny Sky Barista Apron: Vegan Leather Straps, Loops and Reinforcements

Vegan Leather Straps, Loops And Reinforcements

Besides being super stylish, our Premium Vegan Leather Straps are soft and sturdy, staying like new for longer and making your life easier: no more ties, knots or tangled straps.

Under Ny Sky Aprons Barista apron: Folds into a Bistro apron

Folds Into A Bistro Apron

We designed this apron in a way that you can just detach the neck strap and fold it as a half or bistro apron. This way you can have more function without having to cash out more money.

Under Ny Sky Aprons Barista apron: Easy Fastening

Easy Fastening

The clasp-and-ring fastening system lets you open and close your apron in a snap. It also makes the straps 100% detachable: this way you don't need to put them in the washing machine, and this makes them last more than any other leather strap in the market.

How to Use Our Under NY Sky Barista Black Apron

Caring Tips

Wash it before using for the 1st time. Always detach the straps and clean them separately. Machine-wash cold. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry. Like any good fabric, the first few times you should wash your apron by itself to avoid the dye bleeding onto your other clothes.

Raw Fabric, Unique Style

Our aprons are handcrafted with raw fabric - a more sustainable material that lasts more because it hasn't gone through any industrial or chemical finish process. For that reason, it also has a higher shrinkage rate - 5% to 8% - if washed in hot water or tumble dry. After weeks of wear and washes, natural marks may occur, leaving your apron even more personal and unique, just like you.

Not Sure If This Apron Is For You?

We got you covered. Our line goes from cross-back to full-frontal apron, including a big variety of barber aprons, waterproof and color-proof aprons, pottery apron, kitchen apron, workshop aprons, barista aprons, knife-roll aprons, heavy-duty cargo, tool apron, tool belt apron, all cross-back or no-tie design. Always in a great variety of fabrics, styles, models, and colors.