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Chef Bib Apron

Smart Design – High-Quality Materials – Handmade by Artisans

Others can make aprons, but only Under NY Sky can offer high-quality and affordable professional aprons.

Under NY Sky Chef Apron – Professional Black Twill – Cotton Straps - Smart Pockets

Our Design, Our Work, Our Responsibility - Handcrafted From Beginning to End With Professional Grade Materials

This apron is handcrafted with our exclusive professional twill - a cotton blend fabric designed to be easy-cleaning, extra-resistant, breathable and lightweight, assuring you comfort without compromising the apron's durability in any way. Our exclusive smart pocket design makes it easier to reach the content inside the pockets in a faster and more natural way. In case you have any issues with this product, we're right here in New York City – not in China – with our great customer support team ready to assist you.

Under NY Sky Chef Apron – Feature Chart

We Care For Details Because We Know You Do

It comes with 2 double-stitched loops so you can hang your tools, towels, cloth and whatever you need; chest pocket with phone, pen, tweezers and thermometer slots; more 2 big lap pockets to hold your belongings so you can keep all you need close to you, everything double-stitched with danish seams and thick top and bottom hems for strength and structure.

100% Chance of Fitting: One Fully Adjustable Size

This apron is 26" wide x 33" tall (65 x 83cm), fully adjustable for men and women from small to large. It is a true workwear fitting most bodies and activities, offering you great comfort, durability, and functionality. Its coverage goes from chest to mid-shin with with many utility pockets.

We recommend our aprons for people between 5’ 2” and 6’ 5” tall (1.57m - 1.95m), with a waist size between 25 in and 45 in (62cm - 115cm).

A Good Apron Doesn’t Need To Be An Expensive Apron

Under NY Sky is not just a seller like the others. We are makers and we handcraft our aprons one by one in our workshop, with our own materials, and attention to details you won't find in any Made-in-China apron in the market: proprietary fabrics, adjustable straps – 100% cotton to avoid allergies and give you comfort – and durable anti-rust and anti-allergic Zamak hardware.

For You And Your Trade

Whether you are a chef, barbecue master, bartender, mixologist, barista, waiter, server, brewer, cook, baker, makeup artist, tattoo artist, barber, hair stylist, blacksmith, carpenter, woodworker, florist, jeweler, host, hostess, shop keeper, maker or artist in general, our aprons are cut to perfection to fit most bodies and activities.

Features That You Won’t Find in Any Other Apron Around

Under Ny Sky Chef Apron: Professional Twill Fabric

Professional Twill

Lightweight to the touch, yet strong as any good denim, so you don't have to wear a heavy apron to feel protected: our cotton twill offers you the same resistance and durability without weighing on you neck or shoulders.

Under Ny Sky Chef Apron: Double Stitches


To make sure this apron was built to last, we reinforced the pockets, straps and loops with double stitches, and used only lightweight, allergy-proof, corrosion-proof, top quality hardware.

Under Ny Sky Chef Apron: Smart Pocket Design

Smart Pockets Design

All the pockets have diagonal cut to make them easy to reach: a design that adapts to you, instead of you having to adapt to the design.

How to use our Under NY Sky Chef Apron – Professional Black Twill – Cotton Straps - Smart Pockets

Caring Tips

This apron is tough yet easy-care. Machine-wash cold. Do not bleach. Hang dry. Like any other fabric, the first few times you wash your apron, you should wash it by itself to avoid any possible dye bleeding onto your other clothes.

Raw Fabric, Unique Style

Our aprons are handcrafted with raw fabric - a more sustainable material that lasts more because it hasn't gone through any industrial or chemical finish process that damages the enviroment. For that reason, it also has a bigger shrinkage rate - 5% to 8% - if washed in hot water or tumble dry. After weeks of wear and washes, natural marks may occur, leaving your apron even more personal and unique, just like you.

Get To Know Our Line

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