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Cargo Cross Waxed Apron


The Cargo Waxed Collection brings to the table aprons with lots of pockets, heavy-duty canvas with wax protection and unique cut: vertical and horizontal midsections allow the apron to adapt better to the body, while the split leg lets you move with ease. All with a Cross-Back design distributing the weight evenly across your shoulders, so you can do your work in an easier and more organized way.


This apron comes with 2 loops - you can hang whatever you want to keep handy, and phone, pen, and lots of utility pockets, helping you reach your tools effortless and big enough to carry anything you need.


We recommend our aprons for people between 5’ 2” and 6’ 5” tall (1.57 m - 1.95 m), with a waist size between 25 in and 45 in (62 cm - 115 cm).


So doesn’t matter if you are a chef, barber, blacksmith, carpenter, gardener, welder, mechanic, cobbler, woodworker, artist, tattoo artist, barista, bartender, hair stylist, makeup artist, farmer or a weekend barbecue master. Our aprons fit most activities, offering you great comfort, durability, and functionality.


This apron is handcrafted with waxed canvas and natural marks may occur. We strongly advise you to never machine wash or hand wash the apron: that will deteriorate the wax quality. For minor cleaning just gentle scrub with a damp rag. For tougher spots, use a mild castile soap and water mixture to scrub or brush it. Re-wax as necessary with a bar of fabric wax.

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