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Full Real Leather Aprons

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Others can make aprons, but only Under Ny Sky can offer high-quality aprons for the most affordable price.

  Under Ny Sky Full Leather Apron: Crossback design with leather pockets, loops and straps

100% Real Leather Apron - Crossback Design With Leather Body, Pockets, Loops, And Straps

This Apron is designed with removable cross-back straps with a clasp-and-ring fastening system so you can open and close it in a snap. The pockets are riveted and double-stitched: 2 big lap pockets that fit all you need, and 1 chest pocket with slots to keep your tools and phone in hand. Plus 2 multi-utility loops, perfect for towels or extra large tools, and split-leg to allow you to move freely. All handcrafted with high quality real leather.

  Under NY Sky Chef Apron – Feature Chart

What Makes A Top Quality Leather

Full-Grain leather is the perfect-imperfect because it's the most natural, soft and supple of all leather types since it's minimally processed. Its surface keeps natural marks and imperfections and its fibers are stable and durable because the grain has not been removed. Still, it's breathable and lightweight, not wearing out easily: it becomes more beautiful with age by developing a natural patina that gives the leather an aesthetic look and protects it from damage from wearing or corroding. Plus, our leather receives a protective coating which makes it water-resistant and hard for liquids, dust, hair, and flour to get absorbed by the hide, all while making it easier for you to wipe-off or spot-clean it.

Most Wanted Features

100% detachable cross-back straps to distribute the weight evenly, making it extra comfortable for long wear. Two riveted and double stitched big lap pockets, perfect for tongs, spatula, brushes, knives, scissors, turner, spoon, shaker, strainer, stirrer, jigger and more. One riveted and double-stitched chest pocket with slots for phone, pen, spoon, shears, bottle opener, ice tong, thermometer, tweezers, blades and all you need to keep handy. Two riveted loops, perfect for towel, sprays, brushes, blow-drier and even a drill.

One Fully Adjustable Size

The apron is 26" wide x 33" tall (66 x 84 cm) and fully adjustable for men and women. We recommend our aprons for people between 5’ 2” and 6’ 5” tall (1.57 m - 1.95 m), with a waist size between 25 in and 45 in (62 cm - 115 cm).

For You And Your Trade

Whether you are a barber, hair stylist, chef, barbecue master, bartender, barista, makeup artist, tattoo artist, brewer, cook, blacksmith, carpenter, woodworker, florist, jeweler, waiter, server, host, hostess, shop keeper, mixologist, maker or artist in general, our aprons are cut to perfection to fit most bodies and activities.

Features That You Won'T Find In Any Other Apron Around

  Under Ny Sky Full Leather Apron: Premium Leather

Premium Leather

Breathable, soft, lightweight with a protective layer that makes it hard for liquids, dust, hair, and flour to get absorbed by the hide, and easy to wipe-off or spot-clean it.

  Under Ny Sky Full Leather Apron: Double Stitched and Riveted Pockets

Double-Stitched And Riveted Pockets

To make sure this apron was built to last, we reinforced the pockets with rivets and double stitches, and used only lightweight, allergy-proof, corrosion-proof top quality hardware.

  Under Ny Sky Full Leather Apron: Quick Release Cross-back Straps

Quick Release Cross-Back Straps

The clasp-and-ring fastening system makes the straps removable so you can use them with other Under NY Sky aprons. Besides that, it avoids ties, knots and laces, making it easier for you to put your apron on and off.

  How to use our Under NY Sky Fully Leather Crossback Apron

Caring Tips

For minor cleaning just gentle scrub with a damp rag. For tougher spots, use a mild castile soap and water mixture to scrub or brush it. We strongly advise you to never machine wash or hand wash your leather apron or straps: that will deteriorate the leather quality. For conditioning, use any market leather conditioner of your preference and follow their instructions.

Not Sure If This Apron Is For You?

We got you covered. Our line goes from cross-back to full-frontal apron, including a big variety of barber aprons, waterproof and color-proof aprons, pottery apron, kitchen apron, workshop aprons, barista aprons, knife-roll aprons, heavy-duty cargo, tool apron, tool belt apron, all cross-back or no-tie design. Always in a great variety of fabrics, styles, models, and colors.