Protective Face Masks Twill - Ear Loop

Smart Design - High-Quality Materials - Handmade By Artisans

This Protective Face Mask is handcrafted with a cotton blend fabric designed to be easy-cleaning, extra-resistant, ensuring comfort without compromising the durability in any way. It has 2 layers of fabric with a pocket to insert a filter, elastic ear bands, and an ergonomic design to fit comfortably almost any type and size of faces. In case you have any issues with this product, we're right here in New York City – not in China – with our great customer support team ready to assist you.

Under NY Sky Protective Facial Masks - with Pocket For Filter

We Care For Details Because We Know You Do

The mask is designed with no label tag and made with danish seams, which hide the stitches and avoid them marking your skin as much as possible. It also comes with ear straps so you can easily put on and take it off without ties or laces.

Under NY Sky Protective Facial Masks - Filter Pocket, Dry Fast, Ergonomic Design, Lightweight, Adjustable Size

A Good Mask Doesn't Need To Be An Expensive Mask

Under NY Sky is not just a seller like the others. We are makers and we handcraft our products one by one in our workshop, with our own materials and attention to details you won't find in any other brand in the market: proprietary fabrics, ergonomic design, and no overpricing.

100% Chance Of Fitting

Mask dimensions: 8.2” W x 5.5” H (21 x 14 cm). Recommended for medium to big faces and heads.

For You And Your Trade

Under NY Sky makes protective gear with style, durability, and comfort to complement the professional uniform of your shop, restaurant, or studio. Whether you are a chef, barbecue master, bartender, mixologist, barista, waiter, server, brewer, cook, baker, makeup artist, tattoo artist, barber, hairstylist, blacksmith, carpenter, woodworker, florist, jeweler, host, hostess, shop keeper, maker or artist in general, our products are cut to perfection to fit most people and activities.

Mask designed with a pocket to accommodate a filter. FILTER NOT INCLUDED.

This mask is not a direct substitute for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and is not FDA approved or CDC certified.

Special Features

Under Ny Sky Protective Facial Masks - Elastic Bands Ear Straps

Elastic Straps

Latex-free bands so you can easily put your mask on and off without ties or laces, fitting comfortably almost any type and size of faces. Over-the-Head and Over-the-Ear models available.

Under Ny Sky Protective Facial Masks - Danish Seams avoid stitches touching your skin

Danish seams, No label tag

To minimize marking your skin, our mask is designed with no label tag and with danish seams, which hide the stitches.

Under Ny Sky Protective Facial Masks - Pocket for Filter

Pocket for filter

If you want to use your mask with a filter of your preference, you just have to insert it into the inner pocket of your mask. Filter not included.

How to use our Under NY Sky Protective Facial Masks - Pocket For Filter - Washing Tips

Caring Tips

Like any other cloth mask, WASH BEFORE FIRST USE. This mask is reusable and can be safely machine washed and dried (warm, gentle cycles). Do not bleach. Do not dry-clean. Iron as needed. If using it with a filter, remove the filter before washing.

Raw Fabric, Unique Style

Our masks are handcrafted with raw fabric - a more sustainable material that lasts more because it hasn't gone through any harsh industrial or chemical process for softening and fixing the dye. For being raw, the mask is stiff when new, but after the first wash, it gets naturally softer and softer. And since the raw fabric has a bigger shrinkage rate - 5% to 8%, after the first wash it will also get fitter.

Get To Know Our Line

Besides the masks, our apron line goes from Cross-Back to Full-Frontal Pottery aprons, Coated Aprons, Half Aprons, Waxed Canvas Heavy-Duty Aprons, Chemical Proof and Waterproof Aprons, Oil-Proof Aprons, Denim Aprons, Knife-Roll Aprons, Tool Waxed Canvas Aprons, Tool Oxford Canvas with Magnetic Holder Aprons, Utility Tool Belt, among others. Always in a great variety of fabrics, styles, models, and colors.