Handmade Products: Aprons, Masks and Knife Bags


Tool Aprons

UNDER NY SKY has developed unique collections for Makers, whether they are woodworkers, carpenters, painters, gardeners, mechanics, plumbers, blacksmiths, knifesmiths and every craft that needs extra storage to hold big and small tools. Our unique features range from magnetic strips, big ample pockets, extra loops and heavy-duty – yet lightweight – special fabrics. All in a varied range of designs and colors that only UNDER NY SKY has.

No-Tie Canvas Tool Apron

Ready-to-Use Dry Waxed Canvas, Water Resistant, Easy to Clean and Ample Storage

This tool apron is designed with many double stitched utility pockets and exclusive No-Tie design, perfect for you who don’t like ties or bows: It comes with a buckle on one side of the waist strap and a ring on the other so you can adjust and close it in a snap. It is handcrafted with rugged heavy-duty, water-resistant 16 oz Dry Waxed Canvas – all with Danish seams, no cheap stitches scratching your skin. Genuine leather reinforcements for extra support. Durable anti-rust anti-allergy Zamak-coated hardware. 100% cotton straps to avoid allergies and make you feel comfortable.

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Nylon Tool Aprons with Magnetic Holder

Professional Heavy-Duty Oxford Canvas, Magnet Holding, Waterproof, Plenty of Pockets

This utility apron is handcrafted with the strongest heavy-duty yet lightweight Oxford Canvas - completely double-stitched with Danish seams all around, to create the most sturdy and comfortable apron you can have: no cheap stitches scratching your skin, like what you find in aprons made in China. Also forget ties, laces or bows: this apron is the only one in the market with our Cross-Back No-Tie design – the straps are fully adjustable with quick-release buckles so you can close and open it in a snap, and ergonomically designed to distribute weight evenly across your shoulders, avoiding neck pain. There's more: PU Leather Support for shoulder straps and Magnet Patch to hold screws, nails, screwdrivers, drilling bits, pins, bolts, fasteners, bobby pins, washers, and small tools in general.

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!-----------------------KNIFE ROLL------------------------>

Knife and Tool Roll Aprons

The first product you can call a Knife-Roll and an Apron at the same time

This model is the only knife and tool apron in the market that, besides protecting you while you wear it, can be rolled and safely tied up with an exclusive ring system so you can carry your tools wherever you need. This knife and tool roll stores your objects, while also protecting your feet from falling items.

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