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Under NY Sky Aprons Featured on Food & Wine’s Best for Chefs

For a second time, we were selected for The 8 Best Kitchen Aprons, According to Chefs byFood & Wine.

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Earlier in 2022,Food & Wine nominated us for theirBest Aprons Chefs and Bartenders Swear by, and we went so crazy about it. Now, as a new year’s best gift, we were nominated for their8 Best Kitchen Aprons, According to Chefs.

Since our aprons designs are staple in so many kinds of industries, it's always good to underline what Food & Wine represents in thechef’s community.

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Food & Wine is an American monthly magazine published by Dotdash Meredith. It was founded in 1978 by Arianeand Michael Batterberry. Food & wine celebrates the global epicurean experience with authoritative content across their magazine, website, social platforms, plus premium events such as the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, and accolades like their annual Best New Chef awards.

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Food & Wine has independently evaluated all recommended products and services, having them tested by chefs on a daily basis, andUnder NY Sky is featured in the article within the category forBEST VALUE with ourWork Apron.

underny sky work apron design

Our Work Apron in Twill or Denim, prevents neck pain with our adjustable cross-back strap design, but it goes beyond that - it has many functional pockets for anything you can imagine:

Under NY Sky's Work Apron has all the pockets we might need. At an affordable price, this mid-weight apron is constructed of 8-ounce cottontwill, and its straps are reinforced withleatherpatches and anti-rust brass hardware. Its many utility pockets are double-stitched and great for holding all your kitchen tools. Its chest pocket stretches almost all the way across the top of the apron (you can stash your entire pen collection in it), and the three (three!) lower pockets are a generous size. This is across-back apron for those who dislikestraps around the neck. It's easy to clean—just pop it in the washing machine on cold and hang it to dry.”

chef wearing UNYS design
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Brandon Thrash -  bar manager -  has tested our apron and spoken to Food & Wine, bringing that customer experience to the game:

"I'm a big fan of Under NY Sky for being so affordable and accessible. Their aprons are really comfortable, but they're not as customizable as other brands. I don't care. They are so well made,". What does Thrash keep in those capacious apron pockets? "I keep pens, wine key, beer bottle opener, tweezers, lighter, jolly ranchers for snacking, temporary tattoos for when you need that extra bit of street cred."

Brandon would be glad to learn that we do offer customization to our customers. If you run a business and need somecustomization (such as embroidering your own logo on your apron like he suggested), just visit ourBulk & Custom page.

underny sky custom & bulk page

We couldn’t have started our new season in a better way than to be mentioned, for a second time, in one of the most important lists of Food & Wine. Being nominated asBest Value on their newest8 Best Kitchen Aprons, According to Chefs, is a validation of our hard work, which is being recognized by our customers all around the world.

They had started the article by saying “The best aprons keep all your essential tools within easy reach. It's important to select an apron that suits both your body and the task at hand. There's a lot to consider, especially for investment pieces that become part of your identity in the kitchen”. Under NY Sky keeps all those  points in mind when designing a new apron, taking in consideration all the elbow grease of a kitchen in a restaurant, but also reminding ourselves that kitchen workers and back staff deserve a well designed apron as much as the front staff. And that doesn't have to cost a lot.

We design our apron for real people, in real jobs, earning real wages. So, making the Food & Wine’s list for being the Best value in the market means a lot to us. And we are very happy for this acknowledgement that shows that people in the industry understand our work for what we planned it to be from the very beginning.

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