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About Your Apron

About the Apron

What are your aprons made of?

All aprons are 100% handmade with exclusive developed fabric and fabric remnants.

They come with brass hardware and clasps, both coated in Zamak - an anti-allergic material that respects the environment, avoids rust and has excellent resistance and strength, giving the metal a bold look and a lifespan longer than any other zinc can offer.

These are cotton webbing straps made of more than 90% cotton.

How are your aprons built?
The body of our aprons is composed of two parts that are put together by a seam on the waist. This seam avoids the “balloon effect” around the waist that most other aprons in the market have.

The split-leg opening lets you move freely without that feeling of being in a straightjacket or evening gown, even if the apron is too tall in you. And all the aprons come with adjustable straps, so you can make them fit better to your height.

Are all the aprons one-size-fits-all?
Yes. Our aprons are around 26" wide per 36" tall, being the upper part around 14" tall and the lower 20" tall.

Aprons made of raw fabric will shrink more than a common industrial washed fabric, so you can consider that your apron will settle at around 33" tall after the first wash.

The Split-Leg opening:
The aprons are around 36" tall, so the split-leg part starts at around 28".
TIP: If after adjusting the straps you still find the apron is too long at the bottom, you can also hem the lower part to fit you better.

How do I use my apron?
See this link for all How-to-Use instructions.

How do I clean my apron?
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