Custom and Bulk Orders

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How to place a Custom Order or Bulk Order

It's simple: use the form below to send us the following information: 


Link to the Product

Paste a link to the aprons you want. If your choice is out-of-stock, please describe the item name and color.



The quantity of each item you intend to order.



Describe any alteration you need from the original product. Example: number of pockets, color of straps, logo embroidery.


Delivery Address

Your address should complete, including country and email.

Many factors can influence the cost of your order, such as the model you chose (different products have different materials, timetable and craft), speed and destination for the delivery. This is why we ask you to send us all the info beforehand, so we can provide a more accurate quote.

Custom Embroidery

We offer embroidery work for bulk and custom orders. The embroidery service has a fee. The embroidery specs are:

5” x 7” size max, multicolor

(without gradients or shadows).

 If you need the embroidery, please send me the art in a PDF or AI file, explaining the placement on the apron and the size of the embroidery.

Customizable T-Shirts

complete your work uniform with T-Shirts with your own logo, text or image.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum quantity amount for custom or bulk orders?

We require a minimum quantity of 20 units for custom or bulk orders, negotiable.

How much do you charge for a custom or bulk order?

It depends on what you’re ordering.

What is the standard discount for BULK orders?

Each of our aprons have its own production cost due to the difference cost of material, crafting, size, weight, etc., which also influences the shipping cost as much as the customer shipping address.

How do I pay for a custom or bulk order?

We can use any payment methods offered in our website. We do not refund custom or bulk orders.

Will you keep me in the loop while you produce my custom or bulk order?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll set some review dates to send you pictures of the sketches, materials and production process.

When will I get my custom or bulk order?

We ship custom and bulk orders direct from our workshop, so we do not depend on the inventory available for retail. The delivery time starts counting after payment and it is 7 to 10 days for orders of items without alterations or embroidery, and 10 to 15 days for items with alteration or embroidery. We almost always deliver faster than the estimated time.

Why so fast?

Doing things fast is the only way we have to offer custom products at a below-the-market price. Time for us is really important because our products are handmade and labor is expensive.

Why you won’t call me about my custom or bulk order?

We don’t call anyone about custom or bulk orders because we need to have all the info written down as a way of avoiding misunderstandings. Besides that, some of our sales channels requires us to keep all conversations with buyers within their platform, in order to create a log that might help clarify things in case of dispute.

What if I give up on my custom or bulk order after it’s been produced?

We do not refund custom or bulk orders.

What if I want to make an alteration to my custom or bulk order after you’ve produced it?

After we finalize the production of a custom or bulk order, we don’t accept alteration requests. Our aprons are ready for retail, and although we can’t make alterations you will see how easy it is to adjust it yourself the way you want.

The reason we don’t accept alterations after your custom or bulk order is produced, is because we move fast, so all details of the apron you want must be decided in the beginning of the process. We buy all the materials, schedule and pay all the professionals in advance. Any alterations after that would require more material and more labour, which means more costs and more time for you and for us.

What if I really REALLY want my custom or bulk order to be altered after it’s produced?

If you do insist in the alterations, we will need to review the costs and time.