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Waxed canvas is a cotton base fabric extremely heavy-duty and still protected with a non-toxic and environment-safe wax that makes the fabric water-resistant and super long-lasting. Waxed Canvas was the fabric used in sails of ships because it could avoid them to soak during storms. It was also the preferred fabric for army uniforms during The Great Wars because it could keep the soldiers dry.

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Work Apron - Waxed Canvas, Tool Pockets, CrossBack, Heavy-Duty, Chef, Woodwork, BBQ, Shop
  • $ 33.99
  • From $ 26.23
Leather Straps Apron - Denim or Waxed Canvas, CrossBack, Easy-Fastening - Carpenter, Shop, Work
  • From $ 26.56
Utility Apron - Waxed Canvas, Heavy-Duty, CrossBack, Tool Pockets, Leather Trim – Shop, Woodwork
  • From $ 29.89
Tool Apron - 12 Pockets, Heavy-Duty Waxed Canvas, Leather Trim, NoTie - Woodwork, Garden, Shop
  • From $ 37.97