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Why a black apron?

From the French word 'naperon', meaning a small tablecloth. Anapron is a garment that is worn over other clothing and covers mainly the front of the bodysince ancient times.

Back then, people could have those aprons in many different colors, as long as they were rich or noble and had money to my dyed fabric, but, as no rich or noble person would need an apron, the ones who needed aprons only had them in white or beige. That happened for simple reasons: dyed fabrics were more expensive and it was cheaper to have the fabric in its cotton or linen natural color: white, beige.

Source: Worldhistory

With the advent of industrial revolution and the development of new textile technologies, dyed fabrics are not a problem anymore. Besides that, it’s gone the time aprons were just a symbol that depict the rank or a group affiliation of the wearer, now they are seen as cultural icons and people can choose whatever they want to wear without having to obey any limitations dictated by the status quo. And, if you really want do go that way, we won’t judge, you can even choose to have an apron in tie-dye.

Aprons are back in fashion reviving their retro-chic convenience with many different features and a new trendy color: black.

There are many ways we can hypothesize why the black apron is so in demand right now, but we really believe it is because its versatility. The black apron is good for those trades in with people work by themselves in their workshop like potter, carpenters, cobblers, mechanics, but it also works well in the front of the house for those who work in direct contact with people like hairstylists, barbers, servers, shop staff, etc.


black apron haircut
black apron hair
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 hair back apron
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chef black apron
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Black is a color that can be used with any other color,  making it easier to be worn as an uniform since it goes well with any other outfit,  avoiding conflicts when pairing it with peoples’s own clothes. If you want to go beyond, we would say black aprons function as a canvas, working great for people with coloured hair, with tattoos, jewellery, colorful sneakers and shoes in general, helping anything else to stand out.
More than trendy, the black apron is now a staple and there’s still time, and many options for you to start trying yours.
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